We are part of the strategic back integration of GK Yarn & Spinning, in order to fully take advantage of the CAFTA conditions.

Honduras Spinning Mills constitutes one of the greatest advantages for the regional supply chain and creates an opportunity for cost reduction for all regional textile mills; as quality, delivery and price will always be part of our competitive edge.

We have the capacity to produce thousand pounds weekly of a vast variety of products such as:

  • 100% cotton
  • blends
  • Z twist and S twist
  • Repreve

We believe in Customer Service and Fast response – our operations strategy is aligned with our customer’s goals, in order to serve and provide top quality yarns.

We believe in corporate social responsibility – we are a core-manufacturing unit of the textile industry, but we must have a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

We believe in people care – our most valued resource is our people.

We believe in competitiveness – productivity, quality and efficiency are the keys that keep us ahead of our competitors.

Honduras Spinning Mill experts in our field.

Nicaragua Spinning Mill is located in Ciudad Sandino Managua, also known as the “Land of Lakes & Volcanoes”. With an extended property and 57,000 square meters of construction, Nicaragua Spinning Mill has highly qualified and competent personnel which allow us to provide diverse products to fulfill our customer demands.

Our spinning plant has a capacity of over thousand pounds per month which includes different types of products:

  • Open end yarns
  • Fancy products such as:
    • Snow effect in different blends
    • Angelina products
    • 100% cotton
    • Blends

Nicaragua Spinning Mill has also the option to work semi dull and optical fibers to suit our customer needs, Our main goal is to provide our customer with the best product option, with great quality and personalize attention.

We believe in keeping our customer satisfy and working every day to fit their needs.

We believe in exceeding customer expectations with love and care in every work we do.

Our social responsibility is our main goal.

Nicaragua Spinning Mill your best option in yarn supply.